Why Was Someone Taking Pictures Of My House?

What does it mean when someone is taking pictures of your house?

It instructs a licensed real estate agent to perform a broker’s price opinion, also known as a BPO.

This involves the agent photographing your house, the street in both directions, your house number, as much of the exterior as possible and the street name.

Why would a mortgage company sent someone to take pictures of my house?

A mortgage company may send someone to take photos of your house for appraisal purposes if you’re selling it or are trying to modify your mortgage loan. Photos may also be taken if you’re falling behind on your mortgage and a foreclosure is foreseeable.

Can people take pictures of my house?

If someone is not physically on your property, they can take pictures of just about everything that they can see. If they can see your house, if they can see inside your house through a window, if you’re visible through a window – if you’re anywhere that can be seen by the photographer, it’s all legal.

What to do when someone takes pictures of you?

Ask if they took a photo of you. They might say no, that it was something behind you, the person next to you, or yes. If you object to a photo being taken you could say so, or first enquire about the purpose of the photo. If you do object you can ask that they delete it, and they can refuse.