Quick Answer: What Should You Not Say When Buying A House?

What should you not say when viewing a house?

Clarke shares a few things you should not say when house hunting:

  • Keep major renovation plans to yourself.
  • Refraining from negative commentary on the existing décor.
  • Never admit that you’ve found your dream home.
  • Be careful who and what you ask.
  • Be careful when chatting to any of your potential neighbours.

What are the do’s and don’ts when buying a house?

Here are a few dos and don’ts to remember when buying your new home.

  1. DO get pre-approved.
  2. DO check your credit report.
  3. DON’T change jobs.
  4. DO continue paying credit cards and other debt.
  5. DON’T make major new purchases on credit.
  6. DO expect a final credit check before loan closing.

What do you say when showing a house?

2. Offer a warm welcome.

  • Let them keep their shoes on. Making buyers take their shoes off to enter the home isn’t always a great idea.
  • Give them as much time as they need. Waiting for someone to explore your home is not always easy, but do your best to avoid hurrying buyers.
  • Stay away.

Should you tell a real estate agent your budget?

The number one thing you should never tell a real estate agent is your budget, or the highest you’ll go. It’s best to firmly keep your cards close to your chest on this one and only give away an approximate range for properties you’re looking at. Otherwise it’s perfectly fine to tell them that you’d prefer not to say.