Quick Answer: What Needs To Be On A Real Estate Business Card?

Aside from your contact information, take a look at the three key elements you need to include in your real estate business cards:

  • #1 – Your Agency.
  • #2 – A Professional Headshot.
  • #3 – Certifications and Requirements.
  • Additional Design Tips.

What should I put on my real estate business card?

Here are some of the top qualities of an effective business card:

  1. Readability. Less is more.
  2. Consistent branding. Stick with the colors and fonts identified with your corporate brand so that your business card looks like it’s part of your real estate marketing materials.
  3. Multiple methods of contact.
  4. Quality card stock.

Should you have a picture on your business card real estate?

The arguments for using a photo on a real estate business card equal the number against. Other agents feel that the photo is important, but not so much that it should take up the more valuable “real estate” of the tiny business card. These agents put their photo on the back.

Can I use realtor on my business card?

On business cards can I list REALTOR®/Broker? Yes. However, please note that the REALTOR® marks should not be used in conjunction with a description of any other occupation or vocation of the Member, even if the other occupation or vocation is part of or related to the Member’s real estate business.

Where should I leave my real estate business cards?

5 Amazing Places for Realtors to Leave Business Cards

  • Doctors’ and dentists’ offices.
  • Child care centers.
  • Churches (with permission, of course).
  • Auto repair shops and oil change shops.
  • Restaurants.