What Is The Income Limit For Nycha?

You may be eligible for an apartment if:

Person(s) in FamilyIncome Limits

11 more rows

What is the minimum income for low income housing?

Income limits are created for families containing anywhere from one individual to eight individuals. Extremely low-income for a family of one may be $15,000 a year, but for a family of eight, $30,000 a year may be an extremely low-income level.

Who qualifies for affordable housing NYC?

You may qualify for low-income housing. If you earn less than $58,450 annually in New York City, you may qualify for low-income housing. According to estimates released last month by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the median family income in the New York metro area is now $70,300.

What happens after a Nycha eligibility interview?

Based on my experience; After the interview NYCHA will: 1) Review all the documents that you have submitted they will ask you to send any missing documents by mail. 2) Conduct a background check. 3) Send a letter to your previous landlords within the past 3 years.

How much do Nycha residents pay?

The average rent is $522 a month, according to NYCHA, though rents can go as low as $10 or as high as $3,000, depending on a tenant’s income and the size of their apartment.