Question: What Happens If Seller Does Not Make Repairs Before Closing?

What if seller does not make repairs?

It states: if an inspector has to return for a re-inspect because the seller did not repair or replace the damage as per the agreement, the seller will be responsible for the re-inspection fee.

Having this addendum in the original contract incentivizes the seller to get the repairs right the first time.

How long does a seller have to make repairs?

When he/she submits a request for repairs, the buyer sometimes asks for particular contractors to do specific work. The seller has three days from the time of receipt to respond. In that period, the buyer cannot change his/her request.

Can seller make repairs after closing?

Repairs can be made before or after closing but if the seller makes the repairs before closing, the buyer should take the home inspector back for a recheck as soon as possible. However, there are some scenarios where repairs can be made after closing.

What happens if seller does not meet closing date?

Real estate transactions typically involve contracts for the sale of property. As such, contract law applies when either the buyer or the seller breaches the contract. Not being able to close on the agreed-upon date might constitute breach of contract, for which there are remedies.