What Color Nails Goes With Everything?

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  • of 9. Sage Green.
  • of 9. Neoprene Pink.
  • of 9. Glossy Navy.
  • of 9. Dove Gray.
  • of 9. Sheer Blush.
  • of 9. Poppy Red.
  • of 9. Crisp White.
  • of 9. Metallic Finish.

What is the nail color for 2020?


What nail color goes with my skin tone?

Medium olive and Asian skin can carry off almost any nail polish shade, from classic red and dark burgundy, tovibrant blues, pinks, peach and orange. Silver and metallics look great on medium skin tones, too. Dark complexions suit rich and deep shades the best.

A metallic swirl of blue and purple polish has the same impact as a pricey salon metallic manicure, but this you can DIY. If loud color isn’t your thing, try this subtle — but super pretty — lilac shade that will go with pretty much anything. Consider it your new nude.

What are nail colors for fall 2019?

These are the absolute best fall nail colors of 2019:

  1. Sugar Almond. Nail Polish in Tang Bang.
  2. VINTAGE MAUVE. Nail Lacquer in Fifth Avenue.
  3. Icy Blue. Satin Glam Nail Color in Metal Iced.
  4. MERLOT RED. Nail Polish in Carry On.
  5. Cloudy Gray. Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Slate-R Girl.
  7. BOLD RED.

Is French manicure Still in Style 2019?

French manicures are in style for 2019 and onward, according to fashion’s top nail artists, and the new innovative spins might put your favorite line designs to shame. It’s going to be super dainty, a little fine line that goes around the top of the nail. It’s really fresh, but everybody can do it.