Question: Is Offering 10 Below Asking Price Too Low?

If there are issues with the property or the price is too high, or both, you can usually underbid and negotiate with the sellers.

If it has been on the market at the same price for two months or longer, we recommend being more aggressive and offering 8 to 10% below asking.

What is reasonable to offer below asking price?

When it’s reasonable to offer 1% to 4% or more below asking

Another instance where a buyer may offer 1% to 4% below asking is when there are multiple offers on the table, and sellers typically accept the highest offer.

Can I offer 20 below asking price?

While multiple homes have been sold at 10 percent below the asking price in the past, a few sellers will reject such an offer right away. Yet, in some cases, you may offer 20 percent below the asking price and the seller might be willing to negotiate.

What is a lowball House offer?

Generally, the lowball offers that agents receive do not get accepted. The potential buyer is up against an Agent who will advise their client not to bother considering such offers, especially when made by an unrepresented buyer.

Is 95 of asking price a good offer?

After reviewing your market analysis, Justin Stanford, an agent with Keller Williams Realty in Las Vegas, says you should make a strong offer, generally coming in no lower than 95 percent of asking price unless there are issues with the property. But keep the market in mind.

Should you offer less than the asking price?

In a sellers’ market, you would be foolish to offer less than the asking price (if that price reflects the current market value of the home). While in a buyers’ market, you have less to lose by offering below asking price. Even if the seller rejects your initial offer, they will likely come back with a counteroffer.

Are we in a buyers or sellers market?

A market can also be influenced by the selling price of the house. Homes in a certain price range may be more in demand that other houses are. If a buyer has a lot of homes to choose from in the area that he wants to be in, then it’s a buyers’ market. If there are few homes in that area, then it’s a sellers’ market.