Question: Is India A Good Investment 2019?

There is s presence of stable growth rate, rising foreign exchange reserves as well as flourishing capital markets.

According to the Investment Guru Mark Mobius, India is the top investment picks for the year 2019.

But there is a presence of other reasons as well which makes 2019 as the best year to invest in India.

Is India a good place to invest?

The benefits of investing in India include: Positive Demographics. India has a youthful, educated, and growing workforce that should help support its economic growth, assuming that the country’s educational system effectively teaches them how to contribute to the economy over time. Strong Economic Growth.

What is the best investment in India 2019?

10 Best investment options for 2019

  • Mutual funds:
  • Equity shares:
  • Public Provident Fund:
  • Bank Fixed Deposit:
  • National Pension System:
  • Senior Citizen’s Saving Scheme:
  • Post office saving schemes:
  • RBI taxable bonds:

What is the best investment in 2019?

Overview: Best investments in 2020

  1. Certificates of deposit.
  2. Money market accounts.
  3. Treasury securities.
  4. Government bond funds.
  5. Municipal bond funds.
  6. Short-term corporate bond funds.
  7. Dividend-paying stocks.
  8. High-yield savings account.

Is it a good time to invest in Indian stock market 2019?

That’s the problem or bear case for India. If BJP forms the government in 2019 , then market will be consistently for good next 4–5 years. Expect capital goods stocks and automobile stocks , all sectoral indices have opened in green with Oil and Gas stocks and telecom stocks leading the pack of gainers.

Which country is best to invest in?

The Top 5 Countries to Invest In

  • Croatia.
  • Thailand.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Indonesia.
  • India.

Should I invest in US or India?

More diversification is better. The US market is larger than the Indian market, so you should invest more money into US market and less money into Indian market. But of course do invest some of your money into Indian market, as well.