Question: Is Being A Home Inspector Profitable?

Home Inspector Salary Information

To balance out the risks involved, home inspectors earn an average salary of anywhere between $50,000 and $64,000 per year with benefits for home inspectors employed privately or by the government including medical or health insurance, paid annual leave and a retirement plan.

Is a home inspector a good career?

Home inspection is a great career choice for so many reasons including high-income potential, a stable industry, flexible schedules, and the ability to work for yourself.

How many hours a week do home inspectors work?

How many hours a week do home inspectors work? I usually work around 13 hours a day. Six days a week at that pace is around 78 – 80 hours a week.

Is it hard to start a home inspection business?

It’s true: You can become a home inspector in just a few steps (depending on your state), but starting your own business is more intensive. You’ll need an inspection license, a business plan sample, even business cards and a logo. ATI is here to make it easy to start a business in home inspection; It’s our specialty.

How do I become a successful home inspector?

How to Become a Home Inspector in 8 Steps

  • Confirm the Licensing Requirements in Your State.
  • Increase Your Knowledge of Construction.
  • Develop Your People Skills & Build Relationships.
  • Find Courses & Training That Work for You.
  • Pass Your State’s Home Inspection Licensing Exam.
  • Join ASHI.
  • Choose Your Career Path.
  • Never Stop Learning With CE Opportunities.

Is being a home inspector hard?

Whether or not you have experience in a related field, you can become a home inspector with ABCHI. With our hands on training program, you will gain the knowledge and experience required for you to become a confident inspector. We tell them no, but it takes hard work and hands on training to become a great inspector.

Is being a home inspector easy?

If you’re sitting on the fence but need to know a little more, here’s a typical day in the life of a home inspector. It’s not an easy job, but it might be one of the most fulfilling things you’ve ever done. Unless you’ve got an early home inspection appointment, you’ll probably start your day tending to office work.