Question: Is Avant Credit Legitimate?

Is Avant a legitimate company?

Please be assured that we are indeed a legitimate business.

Avant has been in operation since January of 2013 and has serviced over 600,000 personal loans.

Does Avant affect your credit score?

We perform a soft credit inquiry when you check your loan options through That inquiry will not affect your credit score at all, and will only be visible to you on your report; not to others. However, if you choose to continue the application, a hard credit inquiry will be performed.

What credit score is needed for Avant?

The lender requires a minimum credit score of 580, while most of its customers have a credit score of between 600 to 700. According to the company, about half of Avant’s borrowers take out loans for debt consolidation. Its loans can also be used to fund home improvements and cover unexpected expenses.

How long does avant approval take?

Personal Loans: Quick Comparison of Popular Options

Lending PlatformAvantLightStream
Average time it takes to receive fundsAs soon as the next business day or within a weekAs soon as same day or within 30 days of approval
Minimum credit score580680
Applicants? average income$40,000+Unspecified

6 more rows

Does Avant call your employer?

Do you call my employer? As part of the loan verification process we may elect to call your employer, for which you will provide authorization during the application process. However, the sole purpose of this is to verify your employment.

Does Avant approve me?

You’ll have greater chances of getting approved for an Avant personal loan if you have a credit score of at least 580, which means Avant is a better choice for borrowers with lower credit scores. Many other online and traditional lenders will require a minimum credit score between 620 to 680 to qualify.