Quick Answer: Is 95 Of Asking Price A Good Offer?

Should I offer less than the asking price?

If there are issues with the property or the price is too high, or both, you can usually underbid and negotiate with the sellers.

If the price has remained the same on a listing for more than two weeks, we feel it is okay for our buyers to offer a price that is somewhat less than asking, usually around 3 to 5%.

What is reasonable to offer below asking price?

When it’s reasonable to offer 1% to 4% or more below asking

Another instance where a buyer may offer 1% to 4% below asking is when there are multiple offers on the table, and sellers typically accept the highest offer.

Can I offer more than the asking price?

Bidding Against Yourself

In a multiple-offer situation, the final price often exceeds the list price. If the seller cannot decide between the offers, or if the offers are similar to each other, the seller might elect to ask each of the buyers to submit their highest and best price for the property.

Should I offer full asking price on a house?

From what I’ve gathered, there is a rule of thumb floating around that you should always offer less than the asking price when buying a house. Some people have even assigned arbitrary percentages to this rule. And some sellers will actually price their homes below market value, in order to sell as quickly as possible.