Question: Is 70000 Pounds A Good Salary In London?

Yes, £70,000 is a good salary for London (assuming you are not supporting other dependents).

As others have stated, finding an affordable place to live will be the most difficult aspect and also present the most significant outlay.

Is 65000 pounds a good salary in London?

£65,000 (ie. pounds not dollars) is a decent salary, certainly more than plenty to live even in London, especially if you don’t have dependents.

Is 75k a good salary in London?

£75,000/year is a good salary for London but it’s impossible to predict. A lot is going to depend on where you choose to live. London is 659 square miles and rents vary widely. Central London is very expensive and a 1 bedroom flat will be set you back at least £300/week or £1300/month.

Is 70k a year a good salary UK?

Yes, £70,000 is a brilliant salary. That doesn’t mean people will vote for a Labour party planning to raise taxes on those who earn it.

What is a good salary in London 2019?

Average Salary 2016106,000 GBP
Average Salary 2017+4%110,000 GBP
Average Salary 2018+2%112,000 GBP
Average Salary 2019+3%115,000 GBP

Can I live in London on 25k?

25k is ok to live in london.

What is a livable salary in London?

Living in London as a Professional

According to recruiting data from Guardian Jobs U.K., the average salary in London is approximately $52,000. Of this, more than one-third goes to cover average housing costs, and more than half is needed for housing, groceries, and transportation.