How Much Home Loan Can I Get On 30000 Salary Quora?


16 lakhs

How much home loan can I get on 30000 salary?

30,000 and the loan amount you are eligible for is Rs. 15 Lakh, If you add your spouse as co-applicant, earning Rs. 20,000 per month, can increase your eligibility to Rs. 25 Lakh.

How much home loan can I get on 35000 salary?

If your salary is 35000 per month check how much loan amount you can get for Personal loan, home loan, credit card, car loan, two wheeler loans.

Home Loan Interest Rates Mar 2020.

Bank of Baroda Home Loan8.00% – 9.00%
ICICI Home Loan8.25% – 8.70%
PNB Home Loan7.95% – 8.20%
HDFC Ltd Home Loan8.00% – 8.80%

5 more rows

Can I buy a house with a 30000 salary?

To afford a house that costs $30,000 with a down payment of $6,000, you’d need to earn $5,212 per year before tax. The monthly mortgage payment would be $122. Salary needed for 30,000 dollar mortgage. This page will calculate how much you need to earn to buy a house that costs $30,000.

How much car loan can I get on 30000 salary?

Table showing EMIs, interest and total amount payout on loan from various banks to buy Tata Tiago

Bank NameMin Loan AmountEst. Max Loan amount
SBIRs 1 lacRs 3 lacs
ICICI BankRs 1 lacRs 2.5 lacs
HDFC BankRs 1 lacRs 2.7 lacs
Axis BankRs 1 lacRs 3 lacs

Which home loan is best?

  • #1. ICICI Bank Home Loan.
  • #2. State Bank of India Home Loan.
  • #3. HDFC Bank Home Loan.
  • #4. Axis Bank Home Loan.
  • #5. Dewan Housing Finance Ltd. ( DHFL)
  • #6. Indiabulls Home Finance.
  • #7. LIC Housing Finance Home Loan.
  • #8. PNB Housing Finance.

Can I buy a home making 30k a year?

It’s possible for people to buy a house with low income and pay nothing out-of-pocket. Between down payment assistance, concessions from sellers, or other programs like Community Seconds, you can buy a home with no money, as long as your income and credit fall within the program guidelines.

What is the EMI for 25 lakhs home loan?

25 Lakh Home Loan EMI Details

Repayment PeriodEMI Per Month
15 YearsRs. 23900
20 YearsRs. 20900
25 YearsRs. 19300
30 YearsRs. 18350

2 more rows

What is the minimum salary for home loan?

The applicant’s age should be minimum 24 years and maximum 60 years at the time of applying for a home loan if the applicant is a salaried employee. Salaried applicants should have a minimum monthly income of ₹25,000 per month in a metro city, and a minimum monthly income of ₹20,000 in other cities.

What is the maximum home loan I can get?

Your Home Loan Eligibility will be calculated after deductions of the EMIs that you are paying. Generally, the banks provide maximum upto 85% of loan against the value of property. Therefore, if you want a home loan for buying a property of Rs. 50 lakhs, the maximum amount you can get is 85% of that ie 42.50 lakhs.

Is 30k enough to live on?

No. You need 40K minimum to live alone as a single person. 25-30K only works if you live/share expenses with someone else. 40-50K is ideal.

How much income do I need for a 200k mortgage?

This rule says that your mortgage payment (which includes property taxes and homeowners insurance) should be no more than 28% of your pre-tax income, and your total debt (including your mortgage and other debts such as car or student loan payments) should be no more than 36% of your pre-tax income.

What mortgage can I afford on 40k?

Take a homebuyer who makes $40,000 a year. The maximum amount for monthly mortgage-related payments at 28% of gross income is $933. ($40,000 times 0.28 equals $11,200, and $11,200 divided by 12 months equals $933.33.)