Question: How Much Do Independent Home Inspectors Make?

How much do home inspector owners make?

You can also be employed by government organizations and private companies.

Pay: The pay for home inspectors varies according to state and depends on whether you work for a private company, government organization or are self employed.

The average salary however for a home inspector is $58,000 annually.

Is there a demand for home inspectors?

There has never been a stronger demand for home inspections and qualified home inspectors as there is today.

How much does a part time home inspector make?

Part-Time vs.

According to the online job posting service ZipRecruiter®, part-time home inspectors’ earnings range from $12,500 and $100,500 annually, with the national part-time inspector’s income averaging $47,600 a year as of April 2019.

Is being a home inspector profitable?

For example, certified home inspector ancillary services such as radon, termite, and air quality inspections boost your market relevance and value. If the real estate market is limp, you’ll work harder to turn a profit. The median compensation for building inspectors in 2016 is $58,480 annually or $28.12 per hour.

How many hours a week does a home inspector work?

If you work as an inspector for someone else’s business, you can expect to work around 50 – 60 hours a week. As you can see in the schedule above, the days are long. You have to like the work you are doing to make it through a 13 hour day, every day of the week.

Is being a home inspector hard?

Whether or not you have experience in a related field, you can become a home inspector with ABCHI. With our hands on training program, you will gain the knowledge and experience required for you to become a confident inspector. We tell them no, but it takes hard work and hands on training to become a great inspector.

How long does it take to get a home inspection license?

three to four weeks

Is being a home inspector a good job?

A typical home inspector spends his or her day in a wide-range of activities like inspecting homes for buyers, writing reports, speaking with prospective clients, and marketing to consumers and real estate agents. These tools, as well as doing a good job, will control the home inspector’s liability.

What is the job outlook for a home inspector?

Home inspection job outlook: 5 Fast facts

Degree requiredHigh school or equivalent
Projected growth10% growth by 2026 (2% above national average)
Average salaryThe average home inspector salary is $58,000 (16% above the national average)

2 more rows

How many home inspections can you do in a day?

Depending on the size of your business, you might have as many as three or four home inspections per day.

Can I work part time as a home inspector?

As a part-time job, it can pose serious problems for the inspector and for every inspection customer. Besides making a full-time commitment, those who embark on a home inspection career should receive as much training as possible before making their professional debut.

How do home inspectors get work?

Getting employment as a home inspector is not always easy, however.

  • Get a license.
  • Become a member of a home inspectors association (see Resources).
  • Diversify your business.
  • Contact local real estate agents and lenders.
  • Sing up at online home inspector sites.
  • Advertise in local newspapers and the Yellow Pages.

How do home inspectors get clients?

How to Market a Home Inspection Business

  1. Network With Real Estate Agents. Expand your client base by networking with real estate agents.
  2. Market Complementary Services. Think about complementary products and services your home inspection business could offer that add value to your customers.
  3. Use Targeted Advertising.
  4. Consider Local Sponsorship.

Is it hard to start a home inspection business?

It’s true: You can become a home inspector in just a few steps (depending on your state), but starting your own business is more intensive. You’ll need an inspection license, a business plan sample, even business cards and a logo. ATI is here to make it easy to start a business in home inspection; It’s our specialty.

How much is a home inspection business worth?

In many cases they are told this by friends, their accountant or some other person who has them thinking “nest egg.” But here’s the reality. Most inspection firms doing $150,000 in revenue a year may only be worth about $5,000–$10,000.