Question: How Long Does It Take To Get A Home Inspection License?

three to four weeks

How do you become a certified home inspector?

How to Become a Home Inspector in 8 Steps

  • Confirm the Licensing Requirements in Your State.
  • Increase Your Knowledge of Construction.
  • Develop Your People Skills & Build Relationships.
  • Find Courses & Training That Work for You.
  • Pass Your State’s Home Inspection Licensing Exam.
  • Join ASHI.
  • Choose Your Career Path.
  • Never Stop Learning With CE Opportunities.

Do Home Inspectors make good money?

The average home inspector salary in the U.S. is about $58,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( You’ll make about $450 bucks per inspection. You’ll earn about 28 bucks per hour. On average.

Is it hard to become a home inspector?

Whether or not you have experience in a related field, you can become a home inspector with ABCHI. With our hands on training program, you will gain the knowledge and experience required for you to become a confident inspector. We tell them no, but it takes hard work and hands on training to become a great inspector.

How much does home inspector training cost?

On average, your start-up cost to become a home inspector, including education, may be in the range of $20,000.

How hard is the national home inspector exam?

This method takes the raw score (the number of questions answered correctly) and converts it to a score between 200 and 800, with a passing scaled score of 500. If, for one version of the exam, the determined raw passing score is 86, that score is then converted to the passing scaled score of 500.

What are home inspectors not allowed to do?

During an inspection, a home inspector is not able to move furniture or cause damage to any part of the home; home inspections are visual inspections. This means that a home inspector will not be able to tell if there is a defect behind the drywall, or under the carpet or floorboards of the subject property.