Quick Answer: How Do You Deflect A Question?

How do you directly deflect a question?

So here are some suggestions for effectively deflecting direct questions:

  • Anticipate the difficult, direct questions you are likely to be asked.
  • Develop deflecting questions.
  • Practice deflecting questions.
  • Anticipate responses to your deflection questions.
  • Prepare to defend against deflection.

How do you deflect?

To deflect an attack, make sure you dodge at the right time right when an attack lands. This can be difficult to do, but keep practicing until you get it. Once you successfully deflect, you’ll also want to press the Guard Break command, which stops your opponent from defending against you.

What to say to avoid answering a question?

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  1. #1 – No comment.
  2. #2 – I’m not at liberty to say.
  3. #3 – Wait and see.
  4. #4 – Let me get back to you.
  5. #5 – I’m sorry, that’s confidential.
  6. #6 – (Sorry) That’s personal.
  7. #7 – I’d rather not talk about it.
  8. #8 – Mind your own business.

How do I redirect a question?

  • Redirect: When a student responds to a question, the instructor can ask another student to comment on his statement. One purpose of using this technique is to enable more students to participate.
  • Rephrasing: This technique is used when a student provides an incorrect response or no response.