Question: Do Real Estate Agents Cheat?

Do real estate agents lie about offers?

There are several ways an unscrupulous real estate agent can lie about an offer.

They do not have to lie directly either.

Sometimes a lie can be one of omission.

On other occasions, they can make statements that mislead you into believing something about an offer.

Can you trust real estate agents?

A career means longevity and these agents will generally be more business-like and ethical than agents of old. That does not, however, necessarily mean you can trust your residential real estate agent. So, like any profession paid by commission, the agent has a strong incentive to see you close a deal.

Can you bypass real estate agent?

That said, however, estate agents are required to show any offers promptly and in writing to the person selling the property. Agents are also legally obliged to pass on any offers for the property right until contracts are signed. So no, you can’t bypass the agent.

How do I annoy my real estate agent?

9 Ways to Annoy Your Real Estate Agent: Seller Edition

  • Refuse showings.
  • Be hard to reach.
  • Live like a slob while your home is for sale.
  • Don’t tell us the whole story.
  • Talk too much on social media.
  • Want the Lexus experience but only want to pay for a Hyundai Accent.
  • Insist on using your own photos.
  • Call us for feedback immediately after every showing.