Question: Do I Have To Disclose A Past Problem With My House If It Has Been Repaired?

Do you have to disclose foundation repair?

yes, you do need to disclose when you sell.

Subject: Re:Do We Need To Disclose Structural Repairs/Improvements When Selling?

Yes, you must disclose any known major issues including foundation problems.

Not disclosing a known problem is considered fraud.

Does a seller have to disclose water damage?

Water damage is common in homes. When water comes into a home, it can easily lead to mold in the future. You should make certain when selling a home to disclose any water problems whether it is a flooding basement or an ice dam that was fixed. If water has entered the building, disclose it!

What happens if seller doesn’t disclose?

When a seller fails to disclose a material, latent defect, that seller is liable for any costs the purchaser has to pay to remedy the situation. This liability extends to the listing agent. The owner and agent may remain liable even if the buyer’s inspector does not discover the defect(s) during inspection.

Does seller have to disclose previous inspection?

the seller does not have to show you the previous inspection. however he is required to disclose any known issues with the house including those that came up during the previous inspection.