Quick Answer: Do Home Inspectors Check For Rats?

They inspect for termites, carpenter ants, dry rot, fungus – anything that will destroy wood.

Rats and mice are not included as a Wood Destroying Organism.

Your home inspector is also not responsible for reporting on rodent infestation.

Most home inspectors are not licensed pest inspectors.

Do Home Inspectors check for rodents?

Rodents are usually disclaimed by inspectors because inspections are considered non invasive, visual inspection. Rodents can be hard to find without removing materials.

How do Home Inspectors check for termites?

If drywood termites are active in the area, your inspector will inspect exposed wood, hardwood floors, attics, crawlspaces and eaves, where accessible.

A termite inspector looks for visible signs of termite infestation, including:

  • wood damage.
  • mud tubes.
  • discarded wings.
  • termite exit holes.
  • termite droppings.

Do termite inspectors come inside?

A normal termite inspection takes about 45 minutes and involves check in the inside and outside of the home. Inspectors check for obvious things like wood damage and mud tubes but there are many other areas that need careful inspection. Also on the exterior, they will check for wood to soil contact.

How long is a termite inspection good for?

90 days