Question: Can You Trust Your Realtor?

A career means longevity and these agents will generally be more business-like and ethical than agents of old.

That does not, however, necessarily mean you can trust your residential real estate agent.

So, like any profession paid by commission, the agent has a strong incentive to see you close a deal.

Do real estate agents lie about offers?

Yes, the occasional real estate agent might lie about an offer. However, the vast majority would never do so. In real estate personal recommendations and reputation are critical to success. The loss to an agents professional reputation and the subsequent impact on their business would far outweigh any financial gain.

Can a Realtor lie to you?

Yes, it’s very possible, but it’s almost a guarantee if an agent lies about their experience that they will be fired if it’s found that they are new and not a seasoned agent like they say they are.

What to do when you don’t trust your Realtor?

If you don’t trust your agent to do a good job, you should probably hire another Realtor instead. And if you are happy with the one you have, tell him or her when you are interested in a property and let him or her do the calling for you.

How do you find a realtor you can trust?

How to Find a Realtor You Can Trust

  • Get a referral from someone you know. Start with your close circle of friends and colleagues.
  • Talk to former clients.
  • Make sure they’re licensed.
  • Watch out for red flags.
  • Meet with more than one agent before you select a partner.

Should you offer less than the asking price?

In a sellers’ market, you would be foolish to offer less than the asking price (if that price reflects the current market value of the home). While in a buyers’ market, you have less to lose by offering below asking price. Even if the seller rejects your initial offer, they will likely come back with a counteroffer.

What is considered a lowball offer?

By strict definition, a lowball offer is one that is significantly below market value. In practice, an offer is considered “lowball” if it is significantly below a seller’s asking price. At what prices are similar homes offered?