Can I Afford To Live On My Own?

For instance, if you want to live on your own, you do not have to give that up.

You do not have to let your income keep you from living alone.

If you are tired of having roommates, then you do not have to suffer just because you feel like you cannot afford it.

How much does it cost to live on your own per month?

Rent (includes heat, water, sewer, and parking): $800, plus an $800 security deposit at move-in. Electricity: I’ll likely pay around $50 a month. Netflix + Hulu Subscriptions: $18 a month. Food: I shop weekly and spend around $40, so that’s about $160-$180 a month.

How much should you be making to live on your own?

Currently, the average family of four pays about $40 a month. You will pay much less if you’re on your own, though.

Is living alone worth it?

Living alone comes with a lot of responsibility, a lot of choices, and a lot of, well, alone time. But for some people it’s not only worth it — it’s the dream.

How much does it cost to move out on your own?

Moving costs, including buying packing materials, paying movers and sometimes insurance, will run somewhere around $500 (for someone with a $1,000 monthly rent). $3500 goes into making sure this person can move into their apartment with all their belongings safely.