Question: Can Agents Lie About Offers?

Yes, they can lie.

Realtors—a subset of real estate agents—are forbidden by their Code of Ethics from lying, though some do.

We’ve had a lot of interest, and I don’t expect the property to be on the market through the end of the weekend.

Someone was in here this morning who said he planned on writing up an offer.

Do real estate agents lie about other offers?

Yes, the occasional real estate agent might lie about an offer. However, the vast majority would never do so. In real estate personal recommendations and reputation are critical to success. The loss to an agents professional reputation and the subsequent impact on their business would far outweigh any financial gain.

Can real estate agents make up offers?

Agents try to get their clients to make offers on homes by talking about how rosy the market is for buyers. Why they tell it: Again, this line is used either to win over new clients or to encourage sales of properties that the agent represents. Either way, the agent is acting in his or her own interest—not yours.

Can estate agents tell you other offers?

Estate Agents can’t legally tell you how much the other offers were for, but they will usually indicate if they were close to the asking price, which can help to inform your own decision.”

Can a seller decline a full price offer?

No. A seller is not bound to accept any offer, even at full price. However, your seller could be in breach of your listing agreement by refusing to accept the full-price offer.