Quick Answer: Are Private Sales As Is?

Are private car sales as is?

Private sales usually are not covered by the “implied warranties” of state law.

That means a private sale probably will be on an “as is” basis, unless your purchase agreement with the seller specifically states otherwise.

Before you buy the car, ask to review its warranty or service contract.

What are my rights when buying from a private seller?

Did you buy it from a private seller? When you buy from an individual (as opposed to a retailer), the Consumer Rights Act says that the goods you get must be as they were described to you by the seller. There’s no obligation on the seller to disclose any faults, but misrepresenting goods isn’t allowed.

Does the Fair Trading Act apply to private sales?

In general, private sales are not covered by the Fair Trading Act or the Consumer Guarantees Act. This means you can’t obtain a remedy in the same way if the goods are faulty, or if you’ve been misled or given false information.

Does the CPA apply to private sales?

The CPA would protect a buyer who buys a car from a dealer. However, a private sale of property is not a transaction which falls within the ambit of the CPA, as you were not acting within the ordinary course of your business, and therefore the common law position applies.